1. Naam:paula_brilliant
  2. Leeftijd:51 Jaar
  3. Actief sinds:06-03-2010
  4. Geslacht:Vrouw
  5. Land:Nederland
  6. Provincie:Noord-Brabant
  7. Woonplaats:s-Hertogenbosch
  8. Lengte:Tussen de 1.70 en 1.80
  9. Lichaamsbouw:Slank
  10. Oogkleur:Bruin
  11. Haarkleur:Donkerblond
  12. Opleiding:Universiteit
  13. Roken:Nee
  14. Piercings:Ja
  15. Tatoeages:Nee
  • Hobbies:
    The shorter the skirt... the higher the heels
  • Over mij:
    Extrovert, sophisticated and demanding allurement with a light decadent touch, loving life, living the woman's sexuality and celebrating her charisma and sex appeal. Beside "provocation" my 2nd name is "pussy deluxe" and not only my perfume is alluring. I've tried a lot so far, made many experiences and know exactly what makes my happy. I love to play, to tease, to allure, but I still stick to my principles. I love the certain appearance (as I love the public anyway...) and of course set high values on my own appearance, love to dress daring but noble, act racy but charming, have wicked phantasies but excellent manners. I offer a lot, but expect an equal opposite. Though many of men might be disappointed now...but I have enough boy toys to play with. So thank you...but I'm not interested.
  • Over jou: